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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cardamom and Orange Butter Cookies


By Beth Sollars (Singingirl Cooks!)

A couple of weeks ago when I bought that really expensive jar of cardamom for the Indian Inspired Dinner, I vowed to find ways to use it. After reading a little about this exotic spice and the ways in which it makes baked goods so delicious and curries so fabulous and coffee so spicy tasting, I started not to feel so bad that I had put my Pug's favorite treats on the back burner for this jar of cardamom.  Just Kidding!!! I'll have people calling the Pug Rescue Society for saying that.  Since I had made my Aunt Rose's cookie recipe in the past, I knew that with just  a touch of cardamom, it would send them over the top awesome. So, on with the recipe for Cardamom and Orange Butter Cookies, and I just know Aunt Rose won't mind that I renamed them.  If, however, you don't have cardamom, don't want to spring for the jar, or the cardamom pods and grind it yourself, then make these cookies without the cardamom. Aunt Rose did.

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