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Friday, April 03, 2020

An Unusual Need for our Nation

IMG_3570 2

Face masks have become so necessary, that I felt inclined to design my own, inspired by a number of designs I found online and in videos, adding my own techniques to the design to make it comfortable and protective, including adding a filter.  My masks are made and provided to those in need in consideration of a donation as affordable during these difficult times.  I am not looking to profit.  I am looking to produce, and continue to produce these masks until, God willing, there is no longer a need.  We can only hope.  In the meantime, I have had a number of requests for instructions on how to make my mask.  That is what I have posted here, including how to make the filter for the inside of the mask. 

I wish you life.  Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay strong.  Stay home <3