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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, Sarah's post to her blog "The Pink Life"  was so funny and teenagerish that I just had to share it with all of you.  And by all means, if you feel so inclined to comment, please pop over to her blog and do so as that would definitely make my little girl's day, and nothing makes me happier than to see her smile - braces gleaming and all.


By Sarah Vaughn
(Age 14, and going into 9th grade and a new lease on life among high schoolers)


Yes, it's that time of year again. When kids leave the house at 7:30AM and get on the bus to go to school. To where parents can lay back and say "Thank God, Their gone!." They head to school saying

"Are you sure summer is over? Now? Why?"

"Because it's over...."

"Are you sure they didn't cut summer break a little short this year?"

"Nope...What did you do this summer?"

"I did...etc..."

Thats when the kids are tired and yet have homework. Cry and laugh. Criticize their parents on every little thing they say and do to where their parents are yelling "BE QUIET AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!" Well, your not the only one who has school.


SarahinBMW2 by you.

I'm 14 and ready for high school! I have been homeschooled, well, lets just put it this way - most of my life, okay.

My parents decided they might want to enroll me in public high school.  I was...well...kinda excited. OKAY! I WAS THRILLED!!!! My dad went to a town meeting and (he has been going to a lot of those lately) I asked if I could go this time because it was at the high school.  He said it would be extremely boring.  I said "who cares I want to go!" (I mostly wanted to go not for the meeting, but because it was at the high school and I could look around.)  My dad knew why I REALLY wanted to go and so he said "Yes" I could go. 

Auditorium.jpg by you.

I went with him and looked around the school.  But first I was awed by the Auditorium where Dad's meeting was being held.  I had an awesome time and Wowza! is that school big or what?!!  HUGE!  It is amazing.  I even convinced my dad to give me some cash for  snacks from the vending machines! WOO HOO!  GO VENDING MACHINES!

HSFloorplan.jpg by you.

Check out the floor plan of Weddington High School.  BIG OR WHAT?!!!

WeddingtonHS1.jpg by you.

Here is a picture of the outside of the high school.

HSHallway.jpg by you.

Big Hallways.

That was about 3 or 4 days ago.  Well, yesterday (Thursday, August 28, 2008) I went with my parents to the HUGE, AWESOME, FULL OF VENDING MACHINES high school and they were thinking of signing me up for public high school.  For about an hour with the guidance counselor, we were talking and asking questions and talking some more about their programs, classes, clubs, and blah blah blah.


I'm starting this Tuesday. YAY....and yet not yay. :(  Sorta a yay. 

Algebra Homework.jpg by you.

Still today, I was upstairs and my mom called me down. (I'm STILL not a fan of this part) and told me that my new math teacher sent me THIS week's Algebra homework.  ICK! GAG! :P BARF! :P MATH once again ICK! GAG! :P BARF! :P Homework...and MATH HOMEWORK!!!  NIGHTMARE!  Pages and pages and pages and pages.... (okay just typing this is getting annoying)...AND PAGES of homework...math homework. Not just Math homework - Algebra homework!  :P ICK!  And I had to have it all done by,...by...by....(OH COME ON SARAH SPIT IT OUT)...TUESDAY!!!!! I'M DOOMED!

Matthew5 by you.

For the last few hours I have been freaking out, having a melt down, or break down, whichever you prefer to call it.  I was saying "I don't know half of this stuff" on this page and that page.  I guess you could call it doubting my own abilities right?  Well, the answers I put down were RIGHT!  Mom checked them for me.  Darn.  My Brother (curse him, I hate it when he's right!!!) said "Sarah if you say you can't do it, your not going to do it." DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (That little theme song after something bad happens...I'm addicted to it and I don't know why!!)  I didn't believe him at first and I thought my mom or dad said that and he was just copying and reinforcing what they said...NOT!  It really was true.  It came from his brain and his mouth.  I gave what he said a chance and I started to get it.  WOW!  Can you believe it?  ME!  Getting high school schoolwork!  WOW! Amazing!  I should be in the World Records book! Right? Wrong.  Too many people would be the world record books then. THOUSANDS!  MILLIONS!  BILLIONS!  Why?  Because you don't get in the World Records Book because you "get" your high school homework.  Duh.

Who doesn't like High School?  I don't know if I'm one who does or doesn't. ;D  I haven't actually been to a class yet. 

So, Back to school....WHO LOVES SHOPPING?!!!  ME!!!!

I love shopping! Shopping, shopping, shopping.  That thought in my head goes round and round, round and round, round and round, that thought in my head (on shopping) goes round and round all day long!  Sounds like a song.  I love shopping for new clothes, new school supplies, new books, new stuffed animals (hey, I can't help it if I'm the Princess of shopping!  I collect this stuff!) and blah blah blah. Anything I see I want (or is just totally CUTE)  I MUST HAVE...or at least sometimes.  You gotta know what that feels like, right????

Ouch, my foot is asleep. I hate that.  I have been sitting here typing for, like, a while now. :P Fingers running out of steam. Maybe. Okay, their not.  Maybe my brain is running out of steam.  Not.  Maybe just my foot ran out of steam.

I can't believe summer is over. This has been the quickest summer EVER!  Fun at the pool and with my friends, dancing to my fave songs.  Having sleepovers...what could make it any better?  Or worse? SCHOOL!  It is back to haunt us and for quite awhile.  Darn.  And I was just beginning to have fun.

Well, when you think of it, not everything in school is bad.  I mean, you get to see your friends all day at school, you get to, well, read a lot (Okay, that isn't always fun but I really like to read) and you get to do sports like cheerleading and soccer.  They even have a weight and workout room at the high school.  That's too darn great. 

Can't wait to start!  I think.

WeddingtonWarriors.jpg by you.

Go Weddington!  Warriors! 

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