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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

United States History for our Children

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U.S. History.  I never really liked it that much in high school, but now, as I homeschool my children, I enjoy it immensely, and so do my children.  It amazes me to hear my 3 children converse about History, Woman's Suffrage, the Vietnam War, WWII, our Presidents, and political issues.  They listen to CNN and love to watch the History Channel too.  We also go to A&E and purchase some of their DVDs.  Their recent movie on John Adams and his life was incredible. 

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Finding a U.S. History book that is interesting, visually enhanced, and easy to read and understand has been a challenge over the years - until 2 years ago.  Then I found "The" History book.  The one that my children are so interested in that they beg for History on a daily basis.  The one that has given them an enthusiasm for this country's history. 

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That book is United States History Third Edition  by Pacemaker and published by Globe Fearon (Pearson Learning Group). 

You can order it via my Raisin Toast School Days Store.  If you like, you can also go directly to Pearson Learning  to order these books. 

ISBN: 0-130-23304-8

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In addition to the Student Book pictured above, there is a Teacher's Edition. 

ISBN: 0-130-23308-0

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And a Student Workbook.

ISBN: 0-130-23306-4

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There is no way to describe how great this book is.  It is written with great care to the timeline of events, and images to grab the attention of your child.

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It is loaded with History Facts

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And each chapter has a Review written in an orderly fashion as to help your child better understand what was to be learned in each section and a Summary of the Chapter's lesson.

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Want a Group Activity for your children?  This book has ideas to keep them engaged and interested.

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After the Review, your child will take the Quiz at the end of each Chapter and will also be asked questions that inspire Critical Thinking about the lessons learned in that Chapter and the course of events in our History.

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It is loaded with interesting facts and charts that are easy to understand.

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You and your child will never be bored with the wealth of information that is held in this book of 690 pages.

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And the intelligent way in which each lesson is written and arranged will give you confidence that your child can learn about this country's History independently and won't be asking question after question unless to dig deeper into the subject of their lesson.

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Voices from the Past, and.....

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Information in the back on every President up to President Clinton (you may want to check with Pearson to see if they have published a newer version of this book to include President Bush)

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And, of course, a Glossary of terms in the back to help your child better understand terms that they should know relative to History.

Overall, this book, in my opinion as a homeschooling parent, is the best U.S. History book I have found - and I have so many around here that I should open a book store!  This book, however, really grabbed the attention of my children and all 3 are using it and reading it. 

Regardless of their age difference, it is written intelligently and thoroughly.  It is not too advanced for my 8 year old and not too easy for my 14 year old.  I know that sounds silly, but it really is that good of a book.  I enjoy reading it and studying it too.  It is one of those books that is completely organized and written so well that every member of the family who can read will enjoy it. 

Happy History!


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